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Joanna Ewenson - Director



Originally from the Manawatu, Joanna Ewenson was born and bred on a dairy farm. She and Graeme moved to the Kaipara in 1994 after university before heading overseas for a few years in 2000.   Upon return Joanna joined the firm in 2002, became a partner in 2003 and then had four children in four years.

Since Joanna graduated in 1993, business has changed greatly.   There were no computers on desks back then and accounting business solutions were essentially non-existent for clients.   Photocopying charges and toll calls were charged individually to clients and a Tea Lady would bring out cups of tea for the workers only for the tea trolley to be whipped away ten minutes later.

Business is fast and the environment ever changing. In business we absorb the general business costs, mark-ups are aligned and profit measured through everyday cost effective business computer systems like Figured, Xero and Cash Manager. Gone is the Tea lady and replaced by a kettle with a “do you own dishes” sign whilst everyone is working on “devices” on their desk unless they are having a “device free day”.

Joanna relishes the ability to work closely alongside clients’ advisors to help achieve a timely management tool for business and farmers alike.  Business development is not only for the commercial business as such; it is just as vital for the farming community as the ever pressing dilemma of succession planning increases. Business Plans provide an excellent platform to jump start thoughts for the future in any business large or small.

Joanna has invested considerable time to develop a Business Development toolbox for the firm which is critical to ensure the growth and success of every business in our fast paced environment.

With today’s suite of readily available computer programs, she also encourages clients to explore Cashflow and Forecast reports.   These are now a basic business tool with the inexpensive computer programs available to both clients and advisors simultaneously.

A key motive for Joanna is providing practical solutions for practical people.   Clients can focus on the front half of the business while My Accountants focuses on the back half in a cost effective manner.  It is often hard to delegate some of these functions and this is where the My Accountants Team comes in.

The firm provides assistance in all areas of accounting - in all business types from business start-ups, budgets, cashflow, wages, trust and company formations, through to tax management, financial statements and business development.


Joanne Biddles - Associate



Born and raised in Dargaville on a farm at Tangaehe, Joanne is a local at heart with a depth of rural knowledge. She studied accounting between 2001-2003 then worked for a small Auckland Chartered Accounting firm for 10 years. Joanne achieved a Senior Accountant role in 2006 and became a Chartered Accountant in 2008. In 2013, 8 months pregnant with her second child and getting out of the rat race, Joanne, husband Charles, and their son moved "home" to Dargaville. Joanne joined the firm in 2015 and became an Associate in 2018.

"What I love most about being an Accountant is building relationships with clients and being able to help them reach their goals. I really enjoy getting to know clients, understanding what it is they require from me as an Accountant and being able to offer support to them if and when it is needed."

Joanne's ability to relate to people of all ages and nationalities, combined with her farming and business knowledge, makes her a great asset to our team.


Jo Bradley - Chartered Accountant

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Growing up on a farm in Aranga, Jo went off to study at Massey University, majoring in Finance. After graduating in 1993 she took herself off on her big OE and worked for SBC Warburg’s in London in between travelling.

Returning to Dargaville in 1996… Jo decided on a career change into Accounting.  Not quite ready to settle down, Jo and her future husband relocated to Auckland where she continued working in a Chartered Accountancy firm before moving into Corporate Accounting as a Financial Accountant. Returning north in 2003 with their second son on the way, they were ready to get back into the farming life, beef farming in Mamaranui.

Jo has now been working in Dargaville as an Accountant for the last 15 years, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2018.

Jo’s wealth of knowledge from her years working locally and afar, along with her farming experience enable her to do what she loves which is helping clients really make the most out of their businesses.


David Cutts - Chartered Accountant



Originally from London, David and his family of 4 children moved to Dargaville in 2007 and commenced his Accounting studies. Joining the firm in 2012 he has been working full time, managing his own business for a period, getting involved in our Little Theatre and studying part time; obtaining his Chartered Accountants qualification in 2020.

David’s key strength is in forward planning of budgets to help clients achieve their goals.  He is passionate about helping clients understand their financials in their terms so they can really get involved with running their business their way with the knowledge to drive them.

As our Xero and Figured champion he works with clients to get the most out of these business tools and can provide training sessions on these programs.


Eddie Pook – Client Manager

Lisa Isaacs – Client Manager Assistant

Lela Ahokava – Client Manager Assistant

Michelle Stott – Personal Assistant / Office Manager

Karen Christiansen – Payroll / ACC / Tax Manager

Dayle Dunn – Senior Administrator

Karina Hemmington – Tax & Payroll Administrator

Sheena Cullen – Tax & Payroll Administrator

Nico Zwaans – Receptionist


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