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Level 2

Wednesday morning our doors will open to the new norm ... as we are all learning, there will be the covid requirements we need to abide by and we ask that you do. Please wear your mask, scan in or fill in the list that is located at the top of the lift next to the hand sanitiser.

Our team will be fully back in the office by Monday but until then we are still working for you either at home or in the office.

Please, if you get to our entrance and you become sweaty, feel sick or have heart palpitations, please stop, pause and engage. Are you coming to us to discuss your taxes, a separation or succession planning? Then walk on up - we'll sort you out and ensure you leave feeling better. But if not, please turn around, go back to your car and let us know you are unwell and we will happily organise another appointment time for you.

Remember there are two certainties in life - death and taxes. The uncertainties at the moment are covid - 19.

We'll get there people, we've got this so lets keep it up.

Kia kaha

Joanna Ewenson

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