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Office closed Covid-19

We have closed the front doors so the team can sort themselves out before Wednesday midnight and then they will be working remotely. The phone system is now diverted to my cellphone and the team have updated their emails to give you direct contact details for them.

At present the most pressing and continuous need is payroll. This service will continue as normal - whatever normal is for you. Dayle and Karen will be attending to this for you.

Your account managers will be in touch with you regarding your next GST return which is not until early May - plenty of time to see how we crush this virus. They will direct you on how and when records will be required as they normally would do.

Please remember there is still 7th April terminal tax payments payable. Should you be having issues with this payment, the IRD is not going to charge interest on this late payment. However remember this is a terminal tax payment and will still be required. As time is busy right now, get that payment loaded and off the list of things to do.

Should you need assistance with government funding please go to this Work and Income site in the first instance.

We are here to help, just from a distance from now on. The team are all monitoring their emails so don’t be afraid to reach out - we are here for you.

My email is Joanna@myaccountants.co.nz should you need further assistance. If I can’t help, I will know who can.

We will keep you updated on Facebook

Kia Kaha Everyone

Joanna Ewenson

Joanne solo

Joanne Samuels has worked with Joanna Ewenson at My Accountants for the last 3 years and Joanna is now excited to announce Joanne as an Associate. Born and raised in Dargaville on a farm at Tangaehe, Joanne is a local at heart with a depth of rural knowledge. She studied accounting between 2001-2003 then worked for a small Auckland Chartered Accounting firm for 10 years. Joanne achieved a Senior Accountant role in 2006 and became a Chartered Accountant in 2008. In 2013, 8 months pregnant with her second child and getting out of the rat race, Joanne, husband Charles, and their son moved "home" to Dargaville.

"What I love most about being an Accountant is building relationships with clients and being able to help them reach their goals. I really enjoy getting to know clients, understanding what it is they require from me as an Accountant and being able to offer support to them if an when it is needed."

Joanne's ability to relate to people of all ages and nationalities, combined with her farming and business knowledge, makes her a great asset to our team, and a fantastic option for your new Accountant. Call us today to make an appointment and see how Joanne can help you!

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